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28 Dec

Jannet Braganza

Associate Consultant

3 Mistakes You Make Answering Interview Questions - The Muse

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have a big mouth. And while you might think that I’d reign it in a bit for a big interview, the fact remains that when I get talking, I can’t help but share personal stories. Even when I’m interviewing.

In some instances, this has helped me answer an interview question more clearly. But in others, it’s led me down some borderline insane rabbit holes that lost me opportunities. If I’d prepared better, I probably could’ve avoided these kinds of situations altogether.

And while you might think you can avoid this because you’re the epitome of professional, know that I thought the same. It’s just that when you’re staring at a stranger and being asked for specific examples to illustrate your responses and you can’t think of anything applicable, you sometimes find yourself saying things you can’t unsay. (Nerves—they do funny things!)

For example, these three mistakes are pretty common when you’re unprepared:


1. You Forget to Answer the Question

It’s always jarring when a hiring manager asks you something that you aren’t prepared for. In fact, I can remember a time when I panicked and started detailing an appearance I made on a certain reality TV show in a desperate attempt to stall.

But here’s the thing—it might give you some breathing room to start telling an unrelated story during an interview, but if it doesn’t eventually answer the question, you’re not impressing the hiring manager, even if your anecdote does get a laugh or two.


2. You Veer into NSFW Territory

When I say NSFW, your mind probably goes to one place. However, even if you’re not exactly sharing sordid details about your life, you might be veering into that territory without even knowing it.

Earlier in my career, I learned this the hard way when I somehow ended up telling an interviewer about a field trip I went on in high school. I won’t tell... Read more at:

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