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08 Jan

Jannet Braganza

Associate Consultant

7 Ways Your Social Media Profiles Are Killing Your Career

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest may be fun places to hang out, but did you know they’re also great places to grow — or completely ruin — a career? It’s true: a whopping 77% of employers use social media to find candidates, while (perhaps more troubling) 20% of them use these platforms to screen out candidates as well.

That means that if you’re concerned only with the personal aspects of your social media profile, you may be killing your career without even meaning to. Here’s how.

1. You Overshare (Or Don’t Share Enough)

No one wants to know the ins and outs of every meal you eat, how hard you partied last night, or every excruciating detail about your recent gall bladder surgery — not your friends, and certainly not employers. A good rule of thumb here is to think about what you would be comfortable saying to your boss or potential employers in person. If it seems like TMI, it probably is.

However, don’t let this advice scare you away from posting at all. In fact, regular updates are key to growing your following and building your expertise on social media platforms. Plus, you look plain out of touch when an employer stumbles upon your barren account, which hasn’t been updated in months. Don’t make an account unless you’re actually going to use it – and make sure to shutter any old social media accounts that you no longer use.


2. Your Friends Know No Boundaries

Even if you’ve got your social media etiquette in order, your friends may not. That’s a big problem if they post inappropriate updates or photos and tag you, so make sure that your privacy settings are such that they can’t do any of this.

And while we’re on the topic of friends, on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s important to grow your following strategically for another reason, too: networking. Joining interest...Read more at:

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