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19 Apr

Isha Gupta

Search Consultant

7 Apps Boosting My Productivity to New Levels

From listmaking to tracking emails and digitally dog-earing pages for later reading, a new set of tools is helping me take care of my business more efficiently in 2017.


Productivity is important when you're building a business on the side. My friends sometimes joke that I must possess some sort of superpower to study dentistry while growing my company.

Actually, there's nothing superhuman about it. I have the same 24 hours everyone else does each day. But I'm always striving to get the most out of my time, and I use tools such as this personalized checklist to help keep me on track. 

Here are seven apps that should be more than enough to help boost your productivity and free up valuable minutes each day.

1. Wunderlist.

Planning is job one in my three-step process, and Wunderlist is an uncomplicated way to keep tabs on all my to-do lists. As a dentistry student and business owner, I have many tasks that need to be tackled simultaneously. 

Wunderlist has a generous free plan that makes it easy to create each list. I've tried using different apps, and many are great in their own ways. Sometimes, though, simplicity is important. This is where Wunderlist shines.

2. Accomplish.

This is one of the best apps I discovered last year. Accomplish is a calendar app that allows me to create tasks and then drag, drop and mark them as done. It combines the power of a to-do list with the features of a calendar app. I still use the Google calendar app to schedule my lectures and labs, but Accomplish is better for prioritizing actions and keeping me focused on doing things that really matter.


3. Boomerang for Gmail.

In the past few months, my email inbox has been overstuffed. I love interacting with a lot of people, but dealing with all those messages can be a huge time drain that really drags down my productivity for the day. I schedule time at the end of...Continue reading at:


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