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05 Dec

Jonna Marjorie

Admin Assistant



The annual performance review is dead. We need continuous feedback. Performance management should be a two-way conversation.

You’ve likely heard these declarations and similar ones before. Today, it’s all the rage to issue sweeping statements about performance management.

But as with most things, it turns out performance management is a lot more nuanced than that. Recently, BambooHRconducted a survey to find out how employees feel about performance management. Despite what you’ve heard, opinions on the subject are not terribly uniform. Employees have a wide variety of opinions on what’s good, what’s bad, and what needs tweaking — opinions that seem to depend, at least in part, on factors like an employee’s age, gender, and job level.

For more information on how different employees view performance management, check out the infographic below:

Performance Management


Source: Recruiter

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