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07 Dec

Tracey Clayton


E-commerce businesses are popping up all the time. It’s a lucrative business because there’s room for growth and the technology is going to continue to improve and make online shopping even simpler and more comfortable.

However, this means that e-commerce businesses need to deal with a lot of competitors from day one and that can be tough for small businesses. It’s important to try to distinguish your business right away and to focus on your growth.

Don’t start before you’re ready

You are always in a rush to put the website up as soon as possible, and you can’t wait to start fighting for clients and customers. It is true that you need to be visible and on your customers’ minds all the time, but there’s only one big launch you can have, so make sure it’s memorable. First, you need to make sure that every aspect of the business is taken care of before your launch because mistakes and glitches won’t be tolerated by the clients. Also, the hype you create before the opening could be a great promotional tool, but only if you’re absolutely ready for the big day.

Research the market

Before you can reach out to your customers, you need to know who the customers are and what they are looking for. This sort of research takes time, but most of all, it requires you to understand what’s really important in your business. You can get all the information about the potential customers, only if you know what to ask them. It isn’t enough to find out about their shopping habits and pay grades. Dig deeper and you’ll be able to use the information to create personalized marketing campaigns and to distinguish yourself from the competitors.

Showcasing the product

Having a great product just isn’t enough in e-commerce; you also need to worry about how your product and therefore your business is being perceived by the customers. That’s why you need to put extra effort into showcasing your product online and make up for the fact that the buyers can’t experience it first hand. Using professional product photography in Sydney allows you to emphasize the best features of your product and display it in a way that’s flattering and that shows the way the product is used as well as its relative size. All of this is sometimes worth more than any slogan or sale you can come up with.

Social media

All businesses need to use social media to connect with their clients and promote themselves; but for e-commerce, this is essential. It will be your main promotion channel and you need to use it in a very specific way.The goal of social media marketing in e-commerce is to create leads. This means that your social media copy isn’t made to sell the products, but rather to get the clients to the website, which should consequently boost the sales as well.

Making purchasing easy

One of the biggest concerns the customers have about e-commerce is the ease of purchase. A lot of sites make this process needlessly complicated (mostly because of the safety precautions). The customers don’t like to fill out too many forms or to give away their e-mail or phone numbers out of fear of receiving too much spam mail. You should provide safe payment options available with a single click and once you have the necessary information to make such a purchase – don’t ask for them again. It’s also a good idea to include virtual currency and all the other methods of payments that might become popular because they are here to stay.

Staying safe online

Dealing with money online could be a stressful experience for some and there are reasons to be cautious. The website needs to be safe from outside intrusions, but you need to go a step beyond that and convince the clients that your company won’t misuse the information the customers give you during the registration process. Also, it might be a good idea to allow the customers to track the products they have purchased, from the moment they’ve purchased it to the moment it arrives at their door. This is the best way to provide them with peace of mind.

E-commerce businesses have a great potential. In order to make them successful, you need to take each part of the process seriously and treat it with the same care.


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