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12 Feb

Tracey Clayton


Let’s be brutally honest here: all entrepreneurs talk about the benefits of investing in advertising but what they really want, deep down, is to maximize profits with no marketing budget at all. Fortunately for stingy marketers, the advent of digital marketing made low-cost advertising not only feasible but also extremely easy, and it opened the door to multiple opportunities for sales growth with minimal funds required. If you’re looking to get the biggest conversion rate for your marketing buck, here are the top five strategies you may want to add to your bag of advertising tricks.

Growth through content marketing

Content marketing managed to elbow its way to the top tiers of online advertising for a reason. Blogs are the new billboards, only they offer greater opportunities for in-depth merchandise and brand presentation. On top of their convenience and cost-efficiency, blogs allow you to publish content your website visitors will find useful, which will increase your brand’s appeal in the eyes of potential customers. According to a recent survey, content marketing adopters tend to record nearly 6 times higher conversion rates than other brands, so if you want your sales to skyrocket, you may want to add blogging to your bag of advertising tricks.  

Networking is still in the game

Although digital marketing seems to be the ruling power today, networking is far from a dead marketing dodo. An effective advertising trick that requires little or no cash at all, networking can be handled both online and offline. For a digital take on network growth, try LinkedIn: the social network is one of the most popular business promotion channels which can take your brand’s online exposure and sales from scratch to super-high. Every email you send needs to have a clearly visible signature, in case you are not inspired to make one yourself, using a email signature generator is a great option. You’ll end up with a visually stunning signature that is won’t be easily overlooked. Or, if you’re more of a real-life network expansion fan, make sure your brand logo shows at big industry events. If you put people before profits and show potential clients and partners you’re worth their while, your sales may go through the roof within a few months’ time.

Tap into the power of social media

Social media campaigns are another big trend in digital marketing nowadays, and they seem to be working like a charm for many global brands. Growth-minded brands have verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social networks which they use to extend reach, boost brand visibility online, and notify users about upcoming sales, new releases, discounts, and promotions. For even greater eyeballs on content, you can tap into the power of Facebook Ads and boosted posts: at a ridiculously low price, you’ll increase the list of followers and dial up brand exposure.


A video is worth a hundred words

Viral videos have helped many a startup rise to world fame overnight, and they can be your one-way ticket to sales growth, too. Filming and editing high-quality multimedia content isn’t 100% free, but it’s still a relatively cost-efficient strategy that promises a high ROI. Masterfully created video can bring your brand’s website a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines and it’ll also generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Based on the anticipated ROI, the costs of professional video creation will be an investment in long-term growth, brand awareness, and business sustainability.

Competition is getting fiercer across industries with each passing day, but successful marketing campaigns don’t have to cost your brand a small fortune. If you want to achieve peak results on minimal budget, try one of the tips listed above and let low-cost advertising work its magic for your sales. Good luck!


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