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06 Nov

Iffat Naeemi

Admin Assistant



To many people, applicant tracking systems (ATSs) may seem hopelessly out of date. As with any piece of technology, however, the truth is that ATSs are open to further innovation. In fact, many existing ATSs are designed to work in an integrated manner with new advances in technology to create a faster, better, and stronger recruiting machine.

Here are three ways that new recruiting tech can help take ATSs to the next level:

1. Strengthening Your Talent Pipeline

Developing, managing, and nurturing candidate relationships is now a vital component of recruiting success. Roughly four out of five candidates believe the candidate experience is a good indicator of the employee experience. In other words: The way a company treats its candidates is the way the company treats its employees. If a candidates has a negative experience during the recruiting process, they’ll lose all interest in working for the company.

In order to acquire and retain top talent, employers must make candidate relationships a top priority. Candidate relationship management (CRM) software can be a powerful tool for automating components of the recruitment marketing process and nurturing candidate relationships. Many CRMs today can integrate with ATSs, making it easier to promote job ads while engaging candidates through unique, tailored communication.

2. Maximizing Recruitment Efficiency With Algorithms

Simply making a guess about a candidate’s potential fit isn’t good enough. Just because someone holds an impressive set of diplomas doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a rock star employee. Traits like work ethic, passion, and determination can’t be gleaned from credentials alone.

Enter intelligent automation and, more importantly, intelligent selection. Intelligent selection tools can not only assess candidates’ skills and cultural fits more accurately, but they can also predict the probability that a candidate will accept an offer and stay with the team for the long run. Integrated with an ATS, intelligent automation can also be used to automate interview scheduling for the most qualified candidates, streamlining the talent acquisition process while also improving the overall quality of hire.

3. Promoting Your Internal Talent Faster

Most recruiters and HR pros know that the strongest talent comes from within. After all, internal hiring can be up to six times more effective than other sources of hiring.

Furthermore, no one wants a dead-end job. Your employees want opportunities for growth, and setting them on a path to success is a faster and more cost-effective way than outside hiring to get the talent you need. This is where career opportunity software comes into play.

Combined with an existing ATS, a career opportunity platform can fast-track internal candidates for best-fit opportunities. The data gathered by these platforms can give recruiters a better idea of how an individual may fit on a team and perform in particular situations. This information helps recruiters build stronger, more productive teams from existing pools of employee talent. Plus, giving employees more internal development opportunities is a good way to keep top talent in your company for longer.

Despite its popular image as a stagnant piece of software, the ATS is a truly dynamic technology that can grow with the industry. Try integrating innovative new tools into your ATS to see just how powerful it can be!



Source: Recruiter

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