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Profile assessment tools provides a comprehensive array of people (employee) assessment instruments used to put people in the right jobs, help managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively, and help all employees direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and profitability.

Profiles International assessments provide employers with information used for hiring, promoting, succession planning, 360 degree feedback programs, management development, training, motivating, improving customer service, and other employment issues.

Profiles International has a complete catalog of state-of-the-art occupational assessments that target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, self-coaching and management performance.

Matching people successfully with the work they do is the key. When people feel competent, are interested in their daily duties, and have the opportunity to use their inherent talents, their productivity soars. Negative factors such as stress, tension, and conflict disappear. There is more time to pursue personal and organizational goals. You get everyone back on the success track.

Occupational assessments are your most effective tools for keeping track of your human resources. We can provide a complete system, custom designed to address your most pressing concerns. Profiles International has more than 90 offices in countries around the world to serve your needs.

Every time you hire someone or promote an employee to a new posi­tion, you are gambling with the future of your company. Put the odds in your favor by matching people with jobs and managing risk. Profiles International assessments evaluate people for key issues such as JOB FIT, ENERGY, RELIABILITY and CULTURAL FIT. Use Profiles International assessments and you'll be sure to pick more winners.


Benefits to Employers Benefits to Employee (Candidates)
Avoid costly hiring mistakes
Gain thorough understanding to your own strengths and areas for development
Hire Top Performers
Enable you to select the career that fits you best and enjoy most
Put the right person in the right job the first time
Provides you with detailed coaching and development comments
Identify and develop leadership skills of your supervisors, managers, and executives
Acts as a Career Compass to design your own career plan
Using the Profiles XT Placement report, conduct systematic and targeted interview with candidates
Recognize your potential

The Job Fit and Benchmark Technology
Measure candidates and staff against the top performers within your organization using the Profiles Job Fit technology. The profile of your top performers act as the benchmark for all new and existing candidates.


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