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Job Specification

  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Experience: 10 to 15 years
  • Job Code: JB108521
  • Expiry Date: Apr 30, 2019

Job Summary

  • Functional Area: Marketing
  • Job Role: Marketing Director
  • Location: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Job Description

  • Contributes to marketing effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations; recommending options and courses of action; implementing directives.
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies to create awareness of the company’s business activities.
  • Supervising the department and providing guidance and feedback to other marketing professionals.
  • Producing ideas for promotional events or activities and organizing them efficiently.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • 10-15 Years solely in Marketing.
  • Client Relationships
  • Coaching, Managing Processes
  • Self-Motivated, Marketing Plan
  • Subordinate Involvement 
  • Customer Focus
  • Marketing Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Developing Budgets
  • Financial Planning and Strategy
  • Self-presentation style Professional and with a positive attitude
  • Drive and enthusiasm Team player willing to assist multiple departments and colleagues
  • Pressure and stress Able to cope with tight deadlines
  • Ambition Driven by a desire to succeed
  • Operational style Organized and efficient
  • Team style Strong team player
  • Decision Making Ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Arab National with Digital Knowledge + Relevant experience in Marketing as Marketing Director
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