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  • QA Manager

  • Location:  Qatar
  • Posted On: on 10/12/17

Job Specification

  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Experience: 10 to 15 years
  • Job Code: JB108626
  • Expiry Date: Sep 10, 2018

Job Summary

  • Functional Area: Quality Assurance
  • Job Role: QA Manager
  • Location:  Qatar

Job Description

  • Perform construction oversight (quality assurance) on customer site to ensure timely, safe, and cost effective completion of projects. 
  • Candidate is expected to fill multi-disciplined,craddle-to-grave engineering/construction responsibilities related to plans, specifications, design submittal reviews, scheduling, estimating, construction quality assurance, inspections, submittal reviews, project log maintenance, safety enforcement, reporting & documentation, punch list and project close out. 
  • Work day is predominantly spent in the field with periodic office responsibilities. Candidate will be expected to conduct and/or attend construction meetings, as required. 
  • Responsible for daily, weekly and monthly documentation and reporting, as required. Demonstrated capability to read and interpret constructions plans & drawings. 
  • Defining and monitoring quality policies/ projects with related documentation.
  • Determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications.
  • Specifying quality requirements of raw materials with suppliers.
  • Investigating and setting standards for quality and health and safety.
  • Supports monitoring the preparation and issuance of project specific Quality Plans, QA/QC processes and procedures in compliance with client’s quality requirements; and monitors that these are implemented effectively.
  • Working with operating staff to establish procedures, standards, systems and procedures.
  • Acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality
  • Recording, analyzing and distributing statistical information.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • A bachelor or higher degree in engineering (4-year degree in Engineering).
  • Must have superior skills/experience in general construction, cost estimation, ability to read blue prints, specifications and survey plats relating to new construction projects. 
  • 10 years or more of related work experience in the field of quality assurance and quality control of construction projects.
  • Requires extensive knowledge of quality assurance/quality control management practices, processes and current technology.
  • Excellent technical skills
  • Good numerical skills and an understanding of statistics
  • Leadership skills
  • Planning and organisation skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamworking skills
  • Requires extensive knowledge of quality assurance/quality control management practices, processes and current technology.
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