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Job Specification

  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Experience: 4 to 7 years
  • Job Code: JB108628
  • Expiry Date: Sep 11, 2018

Job Summary

  • Functional Area: Logistic
  • Job Role: Local Logistics / Material Shipping Coordinator
  • Location: Dubai United Arab Emirates

Job Description

  • Responsible for making sure supplies, stock, materials, packages, and/or products are processed through the delivery and/or warehouse system efficiently and safely.
  • Arrange transportation, schedule staff, and orchestrate deliveries to meet customer demand with little to no delay.
  • Receives products and coordinates delivery.
  • Prepares loads for shipment.
  • Makes sure warehouse capacity is kept at optimal levels.
  • Manages activities throughout the order fulfilment and transportation cycle to make sure established deadlines are met.
  • Continually reviews freight costs, transportation rates, and/or the prices of raw materials to keep costs down where possible.
  • Streamlines shipping and transportation processes.
  • Shipping coordinators oversee the packaging and transfer of materials in any industry where the transportation is needed.
  • They typically work in offices from which they communicate with their crews and the receiving business, plan routes and monitor the successful transfer of goods. 
  • Shipping coordinators normally work at a single warehouse or point from which materials are shipped. 
  • They are in charge of various aspects of the warehouse. 
  • Shipping coordinators oversee orders that leave the warehouse and they are responsible for the timely and safe delivery to the clients.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Experience in logistics management preferred
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Decision making ability
  • Organisational skills 
  • Procedural mindset
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Understanding of quality management principles 
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