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Job Specification

  • Number of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Experience: 10 to 15 years
  • Job Code: JB108719
  • Expiry Date: Sep 19, 2019

Job Summary

  • Functional Area: Project Management
  • Job Role: Chief Projects Officer
  • Location: Cairo Egypt

Job Description

Role Purpose:

Responsible for directing and managing all aspects of the development of the projects, including all planning, budgeting, scheduling, estimating, design, construction, delivery, and commissioning required to complete the Projects within the assigned budget, quality, schedule, meet the project investment Key Performance indices (KPI`s).

Organize and establish effective Project management ; coordinate and manage design decisions and construction document production; avoid contract claims and disputes; minimize change orders during construction phases; effectively manage changes in the Project; eliminate interface disruptions between project participants; maintain, and where possible improve the Project schedule and budget; insure quality design and construction work; establish and maintain a competent and experienced staff; implement efficient and timely document control.

Key Accountabilities:

• Architectural Development

• Design Management

• Construction & Implementation

• Personnel Management

• Project Reporting

• Development and Planning


Job Duties

Architectural development:

- Responsible for the coordination and implementation of the architectural content done by the consultants.

- Responsible for the final delivery of the architectural vision that meets the initial objectives set forth during the concept development.

Design management:

- Responsible for the qualification, procurement, selection, contracting and performance of all Architectural, Engineering and Technical Designers hired to complete the building design phase of the Project.

- Responsible for the successful completion of the design that meets the architectural intent within the budget and schedule established for the project.

Construction & Implementation:

- Responsible for the successful completion of the development of all projects through understanding the situation of all current/ongoing projects.

- Works in collaboration with both Business Development and Finance functions on the sub development of projects as needed or required with the investor/operator.

- Responsible for the qualification, procurement, selection, contracting and performance of all Contractors, Vendors, Manufacturers, Fabricators, etc.

- Responsible for addressing and implementation of QA/QC Procedures & Regulations and performs a thorough study of the projects’ master plan as required and the allowed building regulations to lead the execution.

Personnel Management:

- Assessment of the Projects Division work processes through coordination and alignment integration with the ERP System.

- Assessment of Projects Division staff and resources and advises on additions and replacements as necessary.

- Responsible for the performance of each of the project team individuals as it relates to the successful completing projects.

- Responsible for the development and growth of project team.

Project Reporting:

- Responsible to maintain accurate documentation necessary to ensure a successful project completion within the targeted budget and schedule.

- Responsible for the management, tracking and reporting of all the necessary project components inclusive of budget, schedule and progress of the project to upper management.

- Prepare regular reports on progress, budgets, and expenditures related to the management of real estate development activities.

Development & Planning:

- Identification of viable projects and preparation of business cases to support in making decisions through development of the design department’s capabilities, resources and consultant’s work.

- Consults with staff to develop project concepts and specifications and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on new actions, goals and targets related to the development of new housing and commercial projects.

- Develop and manage timeliness for various activities to ensure strategic plans and critical development processes are carried out in a timely manner.

- Streamlines relations with other group sister company contractors, expands work to other contractors and develops writing business plans for multi-unit residential and commercial projects.

- Prepares & develops the work packages for execution in addition to upgrading and stream lining the division’s post sales activities (Client Changes) system.

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