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17 May

Top Management Resources Group (TMR) launches ‘Career Transition Strategy & Guidance Program’ for Senior Executives & Managers


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 17, 2017-(ME NewsWire)-- Top Management Resources Group (TMR) have announced the launch of a dedicated Career Transition Strategy & Guidance Program’.


The program has been developed specifically for senior executives & managers, and is being used by employers to provide additional support for senior level employees facing redundancy, or for other situations when an employee will non-voluntarily depart from the business. 


Dedicated support is provided on a one to one basis and includes analysis of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, assistance with fine tuning resume & online profiles, development of a job search strategy and identification of target employers. TMR also give guidance to improve preparation for interviews which helps boost confidence and performance.
Taking this program presents the opportunity to address anxiety or concerns regarding the forthcoming job search, and individuals also benefit from accurate market intelligence, insider tips and techniques, and ongoing motivational support.

Brian Cartwright, Managing Director of the Top Management Resources Group said;

“Volatile market conditions across the globe have contributed to many organisations focusing on “right-sizing” and restructuring, this in turn has led to redundancies or uncertainty over potential contract renewals for senior leadership in some regions”.

“Completing this program in no way guarantees that a transitioning senior executive or manager will find new employment, however it does ensure they are equipped with additional support, tools, contacts, and market knowledge, as well as tips to give them the edge on their competition in the jobs market, greatly improving their chances of making a successful career transition”.


Top Management Resources Group provide a suite of services and solutions to support senior executives across the globe with enhancing their businesses and careers.


Core expertise is within Supply Chain & Logistics, Aviation & Aerospace, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail.


For further information visit:


*Source: ME NewsWire



Top Management Resources Group

Brian Cartwright, Managing Director, 04 424 5118 


©Press Release 2017


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