February 25, 2021
The rules for workplace behavior have changed. With all the modern conveniences, connections and companies we have at our fingertips and in our lives every day, the old Emily Post rulebook gets tossed out the window.

It’s 2021, and it’s high time for employers to revamp their expectations, and for employees to brush up on their workplace etiquette. Here are a few new rules...
February 25, 2021
Writing a strong resume is important, but it’s also hard. You might have heard that some people hire a resume writer, or maybe you’ve seen ads for resume writing services promising a free professional review of your resume. It’s tempting—especially if you’re desperate for a new job or your search has dragged on for a while.
Is it a good idea to have your resume...
February 24, 2021
If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. At least, not according to the Pew Research Center, which found that 73% of Americans...
February 24, 2021

As if starting a new job wasn’t already daunting enough, you may now be faced with the challenge of starting a new job remotely, without ever meeting your colleagues in person. This might be happening during the coronavirus pandemic—and hey, if you’re getting hired during a global health crisis, there’s one thing to be grateful for—or after it, as more companies...
February 24, 2021
To say that marketing is a quickly evolving field is an understatement. If it feels like every day there’s a new tool or platform for you to master, you’re not imagining things. No matter how effortless we like to make our work look, marketers everywhere are learning and adapting on the fly.
Take it from someone who’s been trying to keep up with a constant stream of changes...
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